We are relentless pursuit of daily satisfaction of each customer, through participation and s haring of your needs and your goals.


Thanks to the agreements with the major airlines companies, and to a wide and qualified network of correspondents, C.E.D. Is able to manage worldwide air shipments also in thirthy party.

Our airfreight services:

• Consolidated air shipments to/ from over the world;

• Door to Door delivery;

• Critical freight;

• Global chartering;

• Personalized services;

• Perishable goods and controlled temperature air freight services;

• Shipments classified as dangerous goods for transport in full compliances with the international law regulations

on the subject;

• Fast track or deferred transit options;

• Competitive rates with major global carrier;


Together with major ocean carries and freight forwarders, C.E.D. has developed solid and stable commercial and contractual collaborations.

This allow us to offer to our customers guaranteed container booking, large transport solutions, flexible delivery times, reliable and economic services, enabling our customers to be more competitive on the global market.

We are able to manage the shipment of the most varied types of goods with the help of any type of equipment currently available:

Containers Box, High Cube, Flat Rack, Platforms, Open Top;

• Flexi Tanks / Liquid bulk;

• ISO Tanks;

• Intermodal & Multimodal Transports;

• Web-based tracking systems for full visibility;

• Opent Top Container For Industrial Projects;

• Reefers Containers (Temperature Cntr.);

• GOH Containers (Hanging Garments Containers);

• Consolidation, document management customs brokerage, security,

insurance, procurement assistance, deconsolidation and delivery.


Worldwide full trucks and partial shipments.


C.E.D is able to transport goods & samples in fast, punctual and reliable manner thank to a long established partnership with all the leading express shipping companies on the nation territory, european and worldwide (import & export).


Freight by rail across Europe.


Getting through customs can be a frustrating and time consuming process, C.E.D. electronic customs clearance starts while shipments are in route, and with our brokers, who handle the complexities of duties and taxes, we can reduce the time loss.

C.E.D. is always on top of customs related regulations and tariffs to ensure you that shipments are fully compliant, catching possible problems before they start.

Get the advantage when using our customs and compliance expertise with our integrated transportation solutions.


The project cargoes are our specialty

We add value to your business by providing reliable industry specific expertise and a global network. We manage complex and challenging projects by establishing dedicated project logistics teams assigned and deployed in response to your needs. Out-of-the-box thinking is required in order to create and implement effective solutions.

By tailoring a customized transportation plan, we can make early projections of your transportation costs and ensure proper routings and modes of transport are utilized.

Personalized solutions

We are an Highly-qualified and trained staff, experienced in handling of all service types. Full bonded warehouse to provide quick and flexible customs clearance for outbound and inbound traffic. We offer dedicated customer service staff for high-level customer care.


With nearly 10 years of worldwide cargo experience, we base our professionalism and corebusiness ensuring the high quality of our services.

The main office is located in Catania (Sicily) wich, with the port, has a strategic position in the Mediterranean Area, perfect for the development of international trade.

We have an extensive network of national and international partners, we are, also, Official Agent in Sicily for Globe Express Srl (GES Italy). In this manner we are able to meet all the transport needs with customized solutions while maintaining the most competitive prices on the market.

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La nostra missione consiste nel conciliare le vostre esigenze con la migliore soluzione logistica ottenendo un saving sui costi ed una diminuizione dei transit time .


Cargo Europe Department Via V Strada 52/56 - Zona Ind.le Blocco Pezza Grande 95125 Catania
tel.: 095 6174935
e-mail: info@cargoeuropedepartment.com

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Phone: 095 6174935

Cargo Europe Department Via V Strada 52/56 - Zona Ind.le Blocco Pezza Grande 95125 Catania